Visitor and Deliveries Management System

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How can we help your business?

Our tablet-based client can...

  • Sign in and track all your daily visitors.
  • Register all your employees' deliveries.
  • Send realtime notifications.
  • Notify about non-welcomed visitors.
  • Send global messages and alerts.


Our competitors attach their clients to an iPad. We don't.


Built on reliable web technologies, Registrac brings stability to the table, ensuring no downtime in your business operations, while keeping your users and visitors information secure at all times.


Worried about delayed notifications? Say no more! Registrac runs on the Vultr SSD servers infrastructure. This allows us to take preformance and responsiveness to the next level.

Mutiple Devices Supported

The Registrac Client App currently works on any Windows, Android, or Linux tablet or computer, allowing our customers the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of devices. An iOS client app is coming up soon.

Documents Signage

Say goodbye to messy paper forms! Now your visitors can sign NDA's and any additional forms right from the Client App. Our system generates digitally signed documents for you to review at a later time.

About Us

Registrac LLC is a software company located in Miami FL. Our main goal is to help our clients grow their business by providing tailored solutions to their needs. Registrac LLC owns and maintains Registrac VMS.